Buy Fresh Buy local

They say one door closes and another one opens. Since the demise of the Brunswick Fishermans Co-op, the Trawlers are now “legally” permitted to sell direct from the back of their trawlers. I went out to meet the Nellie M when she came in at 8:00am this morning, there was already a line-up of eager fish buyers. I bought 1kg of cooked prawns for $25, I had some for lunch and they were delicious.

I asked them if they would be there every day, they replied “it depends”. Depends on the weather, what’s running and how many days they’ve been out. If you see the trawler going out the heads at 4pm, chances are they’ll be in the boat harbour by 8am the next morning. They are pretty good at keeping their comings and goings on their Facebook Page. So check it out.

“The crew on board Nelle M work hard to bring the freshest & best quality prawns/seafood to your plate. Once our product is sorted, graded & washed thoroughly in sea water. Our green prawns are then stored in a salt/ice brine & kept to the coldest temperature. Our cooked prawns, bugs & sand crabs are cooked in sea water (on the boat separately), cooled slowly in a cooling tank, then kept in a salt/ice brine & kept to the coldest temperature also. Processing our seafood this way we believe the consumer will purchase the freshest quality. Buy Fresh Buy Local.”

From Nellie M’s FB Page

If you love local seafood but don’t fish (that’s me). Your local commercial fishermen will keep fresh local seafood, on everyone’s plate. Buy Fresh Buy local