A fun night was once again had by one and all at the Brunswick Picture House on Saturday night. Where, for the first time they rolled out Bongo Bingo. The night started with Maude Pearl Boate making her grand entrance and with her gorgeous helper Joel Salom. They called the bingo numbers with some saucy rhymes “64, red and sore”, “66- chicks with…”, I think you get it. As the audience members won a game (or thought they did), they would get a change to walk the catwalk and strut their stuff – which was highly entertaining.

The night finished with a lip-synching competition, to “I will Survive” and a grand finale with Maude Pearl Boate in a  complete outrageous costume change and Joel doing something with ping pong balls, that had to be seen to be believed.

Throughout the night they “subtly” asked the audience if they would be voting Yes in the postal survey about marriage equality, and there was resounding support. And why wouldn’t you want people this fabulous not be able to marry the person they love.

Once again they knocked it out the park, well done guys.